Elizabeth Reiher

About me

I live in South Florida, where the only "season" we concern ourselves with is hurricane season.I became interested in the online space and most importantly, how to modify it, during my MySpace phase. My MySpace page was killer, I cannot deny it. Having the ability to a make the page look any way I wanted it to was really appealing and fun.

I have also been a paralegal for 22 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Florida International University. I have an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. I recently became a Certified Scrum Master.

I also really love Zumba!

I am a self-taught developer. I worked through FreeCodeCamp, Sitepoint, Skillcrush and Coursera, Udemy and Udacity to learn about web development.

I have been attending Meetups for Agile, Coding, and Wordpress and have met a lot of really cool people as well as learned interesting things about the industry. My favorite Meetups are South Florida Women in Agile and South Florida Wordpress Meetup.

I have been an organizer for WordCamp Miami since Fall 2017. I have really enjoyed helping people, meeting new people, and keeping South Florida informed about all things WordPress leading up to our annual conference.

See what I have been doing with WordPress and WordCamp on my WordPress Professional Network page.

A more formal listing of my work history is on my resume.

Learning Path

Free Code Camp
Codecademy Badges
LaunchCode LC101 Bootcamp